Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What is Content Crowdsourcing

Content Crowdsourcing Taking a content writing task that would conventionally be performed by a contractor or employee and turning it over to a typically large, undefined group of people or content writers via an open call for responses.

Monday, 16 September 2013

How You Can Become Freelance SEO Content Writer

While becoming a writer does not require any special qualifications, some writing jobs like novel writer and journalist require an above average knowledge or your native language. You have to write in a concise and entertaining way, use proper punctuation, you basically have to be a language artist. If english is not your native language, that's no problem at all since all big writing job portals like Real Writing Jobs offer jobs for writers in many languages. In fact, knowing a foreign language that isn't very common can be a major advantage since you'll compete with less other writers for a freelance job.

Other writing jobs like content writing or SEO writing are less difficult, the number of words per article is limited and often the subject doesn't have to be covered in a very detailed way, you just have to give a broad overview about a certain topic.

A good place to start becoming a writer is registering with one of the major websites that collect freelance writing offers from customers and then search writers to fulfill these authoring requests. We advise you to start slowly, pick some easier jobs at the beginning and have a close look at the customer feedback you will be getting once a freelance job is finished. This way you can learn pretty fast what customers need and want and then adapt your writing style accordingly.

Becoming a writer is a great opportunity to earn some money for sure, since being a freelance writer means a lot of flexibility and a pretty respectable income as well. Do not expect getting rich, but making some easy money from the comfort of your own home.

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